Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013 - New area, Gaithersburg

Hey Mom!  Thanks for the weekly family/friends update!  I am having a grand time here in Gaithersburg, it is a car area but we get to bike and walk around.  I just borrow our roommates bike when we need it but I plan on trying to get one for myself from the Assistants.  This area is kinda stagnant right now but it has great potential that I see.  Right now we are trying to build the relationship with leaders, visit less-actives, retain the recent converts, boost our investigators, find more investigators, work as hard as we can, sing camp-fire songs, and stay as sane as we possibly can amidst the roller-coaster of missionary life :)

Elder S is really awesome.  He like anime and manga and loves to draw so it's been super fun with him.  I really enjoy listening to people talk about things they love.  That's something I've found on my mission.  

Last week at the transfer meeting we sang the mission song to the Matsumori's and we all were bawling and what not.  I'm gonna miss em.

Speaking of tears I got teary-eyed too at thinking about how good this ward is to us.  I was thinking about how happy I am to serve people and do things for them.  I do it, and I think I can say in general, the reason we do things for other people is because what they do for us is so much more than what we can do for them.  It's all about humility and serving others.

I love you to the edge of the universe!  to the edge, Elder Schoemig

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