Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26, 2013 - Mission President and Sister Matsumori's last week

Hey Mom!  Good news on everything that happened in the Summer Games!  Really proud of my brothers.  Also proud of Benson and Taft for their performances in school! 
Anyway here in G1 we had J finally come to church after months of him being taught!  And he said he really enjoyed it and was very pleased with how things went!  MIRACLE!  It put such a huge smile on our faces and he says he's coming this next week too.
Yesterday we had and exchange where our zone leader, Elder J, came with Elder S and me.  It was a great day and we picked up tons of potential investigators.
Did you see the worldwide leadership training?  There was a veritable army of missionaries!  I thought, "oh my goodness we are taking over the world!"  I was amazed to see all those sisters!  It's just incredible.  Also I forgot to mention last week but MY mission represented all the missions in the world at that meeting, President and Sister Matsumori, the Assistants, the Zone Leaders, and the VC trainers were all on screen, if only briefly.  It was way cool to hear Elder Holland talk to President!
This is the Matsumori's last week.  I don't have much to say.  A lot of things are going through my head.  I'll miss them terribly but I know the new mission president will do a great job. 
Anyway love you to the edge of the universe!  To the edge! Elder Schoemig

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