Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013 - 5 months to go!

Heyyyy yooooooou guyyyyyyys!  It's super weird that I'm on Facebook right?  But a sense of normalcy will return with time.  After the first time being on I was literally speechless.  I had to let out a few yells cause I was so excited.  I'm looking for ways to be effective online.  I don't know if anyone else has been a Facebook missionary before, it's not very big yet ;) so I think I'm kinda alone on this one to figure something out.

I have something to say to all those who are planning on going on a mission soon or ever for that matter.  Actually, this is for everyone, period.  Make your profile something you would be proud of.  Don't post any stupid things otherwise you'll have to spend hours hiding old posts and pictures.  Be ready for a mission, NOW.  Post things that you believe in, link to videos you like on or  It will be such a blessing for you, the people you will teach, and all your friends and family who are already Facebook friends with you.

Anyway, J has made some really big steps this week.  He really wanted us to go with him to an activity for FHE, but we've been trying to help him not rely on us and to build better relationships with the members.  He told us the day of we didn't have to go.  So we didn't, and it went awesome!  He said it was a great time with all of the people there and they played a really fun game.  We had a lesson with him last night and it was one of the most spiritual of my mission.  All three of us were about to cry, so so close to tears, but of course we're really manly and didn't ;) (Just so everyone knows, it is my opinion that's it's perfectly manly to cry, because I cry all the time, and I'm a man)

Well I am working hard, because I know that my people need the blessings.  Whether they be my people here or my people at home or my people spread across the globe making the same sacrifice for the same God as me.  I want you to know my heart and mind and might is with you Mom.  Don't doubt, don't fear.  Believe and love.  That is the formula for success in this life and eternal blessings in the world to come.  I LOVE YOU TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE!!! to the edge Elder Schoemig
(Mom's note:  He has a profile on  Click on and you will see Elder Schoemig!) 

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