Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013 - New plans for mission in D.C. north

Hey Mom!  Thanks for all the updates.  I particularly liked the part about Chandler and him "beating" me haha.  I still could sit on him.  Also about Ron, honest and true people can be found wherever you are.  He sounds like a really cool guy and I'll have to meet him when I get home.  I'm thankful we have health insurance.  It is a blessing that so many people I have worked with and seen don't have.  Hope the black belt test goes well this week!  And also an announcement for a happy birthday to Grandma Jarvis!

Well this past week has been a lot of efforts by Elder B and I to find some great people to teach.  We met a family from India on Monday that we're gonna try to go back to on Saturday or Sunday.  There's also a family that lives across the street from our members that we've talked to a few times.  They go to a church already but are nice and I feel like they need us.  We have some former investigators we're trying to work with named B and S.  They're a couple, he went to the U so he knows a little bit about us peculiar people :)  

J is doing well.  He wants to be baptized soooo bad, he's considering moving the date up but not sure yet.  He says, "I live the Mormon lifestyle already, I'm just not baptized."  Well my mother, that'll change soon :)
We had interviews with President and Sister Cooke this past Monday, really good.  President has some new plans for the mission.  Next transfer, Preparation Day will be moved to Monday.  Missionaries will now be allowed to go to any formers baptism, not just ones in the previous area.  We will stay in our area's a lot longer, an average of 7 months an area for about 3 total transfers on a mission.  

Today we had a special meeting with President Pratt of the Temple Presidency.  It was good, he talked about how the temple gives us the spiritual power to be the men, women, and missionaries that God wants us to be.  I'm not feeling so good (kinda like a snuffle-upagus) so I didn't do an endowment session, instead I walked around the temple, went to the 7th floor to sit and think, and went to the Celestial room to read.  It was really rejuvenating.  
Well I gotta go now but LOVE YOU TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE! to the edge, Elder Schoemig

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