Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 16, 2013 - Zone leader and new transfer and companion

Goooood Mormon! How are you Mom?  I haven't been up and about recently.  Last Friday I went to the podiatrist and he said that he didn't like the way one of my toes was looking from the surgery two Mondays ago, so I've been pretty much bummin around the apartment, except when I have activites that I JUST HAVE to be there for, which turns out there are more of those than you think.  Anyway I've been trying my best to keep off the feetsies and use the medication well so I think they're looking good but what I think may not be what's right so we'll see tomorrow morning how far I've come. 
In other and more happy/sad (weird that those words are next to each other) news, I've been transferred :(  So that's the sad part.  I love love love Gaithersburg 1 ward and will miss it terribly.  I developed fantastic friendships with the members and investigators there.  I will especially miss J, but I'm glad he's gonna be baptized soon.  Also I will miss R, but he's gonna be baptized soon too.  But here's the good news... I've been transferred, and I'm now a Zone Leader (oooooohhhh the claaaawwww) in the College Park ward which means that I will see all my ASL branch friends every Sunday whoo whoo!  My companion is Elder G, who's a pretty cool kid from Idaho.  I'm really looking forward to working with him and the ward to build up the Kingdom in this area.  My prediction?  This is my last area on my mission. 
It was really hard to see this group of missionaries go home this morning.  I think the hardest yet, besides President and Sister Matsumori.  I've been really good friends with many of them and it's gonna be different without them.  From here on out each transfer I will lose really really good close friends until it's my own time.  I would say I would lose myself but that would be sad to finally lose yourself at the end of your mission.  Hopefully I've already lost myself, because that means I'm totally focused on the work right?  I think that's what that means. 
Anyway, I'm just rambling now, so I better go.  I love you and stay classical!  TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE!  to the edge, Elder Schoemig

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