Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012

Hey Mom, family and friends! Thanks for the email it sounds like this weekend is gonna be a blast for you mom! I'll be prayin for you to get a buck bigger than dads :) Oils workin well for me. I'm actually really improved with my sickness. I don't drink milk and only buy low-fat for cereal or cooking or whatever. Can't believe that right this very second Kale is in the MTC starting his journey of a lifetime. What a wonderful feeling to have the whole squad on a mission :) Lookin forward to whatever packages come my way! The Halloween one was AMAZING you know how much I love this holiday. I think I get it from Jenny ;) This week was an awesome week! We had K's baptism go down! And her mom and older sister made it to the temple last Thursday for baptisms for the dead! Wow what progress has been made, it really makes all the struggles and trials worth it. This family is comin along, we just gotta keep on coaxing them :) Today was a blast! We went to the zoo! I saw all manners of animals! Lions and tigers and bears and ELEPHANTS! and snakes and pandas and sea lions and monkeys and zebras oh my! the sea lions were really cute when they were swimming side by side and then they kissed! the elephants were playin in the water and eating some branches and were so fun! it really broke my heart when I went through the Panda exhibit and saw that just recently a baby panda had died. made me wanna break down cryin right there. we're gonna go back soon cuz we didn't even see everything. Well I love you! To the edge, Elder Schoemig

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