Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012

Hey Mom! Happy Halloween everyone! FRANKENSTORM did not live up to it's name. The damage here is minimal, a little flooding, a little power outages. We had power all the way through the storm and had enough food and water to last us if anything did happen. What Hurricane Sandy did bring however was the wet penetrating cold. The weather was supposed to get better next week from what I've heard but nothing yet. Our landlord came over last night since none of our radiators are working. He's gonna get a professional guy to come over and take a look at all of them. He's super chill.

Glad to hear that Elder Lewis is home safely. He'll get through whatever happens. I know that to be true. It comes from a very special experience I had with an Apostle of the Lord. Elder Cook came this past weekend for a multitude of things including our stake conference. One other thing was a mission conference. At the end of the conference he conferred upon us a blessing that is sacred to me. He blessed us that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing and the Lord has us here for a reason. He blessed us that whoever is at home, our family and friends, no matter what the circumstance is, will be protected and taken care of. He blessed us that it will all work out in the end. There were more teary eyes than just mine in that room. I needed that desperately. I was thinking about everyone at home and all the struggles that have been confronted and overcome. Satan tries to take us down with every type of trial and tribulation in this world but the in the Savior there is safety and security, there is love and learning, there is power and peace. I feel that is the truth and the truth will set us free.

We had a miracle yesterday when we put D, the girlfriend of one of our less-active members, J, on date for baptism. We are excited to really start working with them and see all these great blessings come upon them as they progress toward the Savior.

I love you and wish happiness and safety on you and the kids and everyone as they trick or treat tonight. To the edge, Elder Schoemig
ps attached are some pictures. one is of the A family and me. I love that family so much they mean a lot to me and they moved so I'm gonna miss em. another goes to Mama Lewis, that one is the finger puppet one. i tried to put some zombies in the background to make it more ghoulish hahaha. another is a rainbow and that one goes out to Kelsey, Sydney, Mickey and Elder Lewis. They know what it means ;) the temple is the morning of the mission conference with Elder Cook. the one with me looking like i do is the decorations you sent and i put up. thanks for those it's been really fun to have them :) that is all. to the edge!

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  1. Elder Schoemig--I just signed up to follow your blog. I'm Micki and Doug's daughter, Katie. I'm glad you're doing well! Keep up the good work!! God bless.