Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4, 2012

Hi Mom! We've had a pretty good past week! Thanks for you email lettin me know everything that's goin on! I always love these little moments. I had some really good little moments yesterday in the temple, but before I tell you about that I'll say some other things first.
Last week was a killer week for us! We have four people on date for baptism, we had 2 new investigators, 4 lessons with members present, 4 other lessons, and 3 investigators at sacrament meeting! It was really nice to see those numbers jump up like that, as they have been building all transfer. The Lord gets all the credit, we put ourselves in His hands and he did the work.
I'm glad Carson's baptism went  went great! I had a long day of work that day and was thinkin about him.
I'm super excited about General Conference this weekend! I can't wait to listen to the Prophet's voice and receive inspiration and revelation for all the people I'm working with. On October 28th we are having an Apostle come to give us a mission conference and come to our stake conference! I can't remember if I told you this before or not, but Elder Cook is coming! We are way excited for this opportunity. This will be the 3rd Apostle I've seen on my mission.
Yesterday we went to the temple and Elder W and I did sealing session. Wow what a joy and a thrill that was. They were doing a daughter sealing and I was a witness and I saw that it took seven years from her baptism to the sealing to her parents and I was so touched with the Spirit. I was crying with happiness for every name that was read from then on. After the session was over I went into the Celestial Room and felt an overpowering closeness to my Heavenly Father as I was brought to tears once more. It was Elder W and I in the room alone with the sister and it was a very sacred experience to be in there. I was truly overcome with the Spirit as I reflected on my first experience in the Celestial Room and thought of the joy and everylasting happiness that comes from being with my Father. On the way to the temple we sang, "I love to see the temple, I'm going there today. To feel His Holy Spirit, to listen and to pray." I do love to see the temple, and I love even more to be in it.
Last night I got a call from the Assistants asking me to be at a meeting on Friday morning at 10 a.m. That meeting is for people who are gonna be training next transfer. Looks like I'm gonna be a daddy :)
I love you all! To the edge and beyond! -Elder Schoemig
ps can't wait for Halloween! It's the best time of the year! (tied with Christmas of course) a special treat? hmmm maybe some of the candies that dad loves so much, the peanut butter and coconut sticks that you buy at gas stations. and some ties and some shirts. that'll be all. thanks so much :) LOVE YOU!

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