Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 24, 2012

Hey Mom :)  Sad news about Elder Lewis.  He was and still is a great missionary and I'll be praying for whatever needs to be fixed to be fixed.  He is a tough guy and will come out on top of whatever is ailing him. 

This past Sunday we were supposed to have the confirmation for K but K her mom was sick so couldn't make it so they didn't want to do it without her.  We'll have to wait a few weeks since this weekend is Stake Conference.  I'm so excited to have Elder Cook here!  He's sure gonna pack the house as we have been preparing for him to come for a long time.  I'm looking forward to this experience.

Yesterday I had a pretty awesome day on exchange in the French program.  We taught 4 lessons to investigators which is way sweet.  We put two of them on date for baptism too.  I actually got to say stuff on three of the lessons cuz the investigators new some English as well. 

This weekend B A and his family are moving to Atlanta Georgia.  I'm gonna miss him a lot.  He was like my mentor.  Someone who really could help me with signing and being a good missionary and person.  I wish him the best of luck in Atlanta and someday we will meet again. 

I love you Mom, I want to say that every week and let you know it's from the bottom of my heart.  Many times I think what amazing selfless service you provide for us kids.  Thank you. 

To the edge and LOVE YOU AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE!!! XoOxX (Big hug, little kiss, big kiss, little hug, big hug.  Thank you Nacho Libre.)  Elder Schoemig

(Mom's note:  It was a very short time for "four for four" on their mission since Elder Kale Wright went into the MTC last week.  One of his best friend and "brother" Elder Taylor Lewis had to come home on medical leave yesterday.  He had been sick for a while and please pray for him so that he can get better and for the doctor to find what's wrong with him.  Like Elder Schoemig said, he is a still a great missionary.  We love him a bunch!)  

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